Monday, December 19, 2011

Sweden is letting its inhabitants take over the country’s official Twitter account

A single voice cannot describe all aspects of Sweden according to The Swedish Institute. Therefore Sweden´s official Twitter account is now being handed over to Swedish guest writers. The new project, Curators of Sweden, will involve several people describing the width and variations of Swedish life and ideas.

A columnist, an owner of an ad agency and his own farm, a guy from the suburb, a priest and a “coffee drinking bush lesbian” are just some of the people who will take over The Swedish Institute’s Twitter account, @sweden, for a week at a time.

“No one owns the Swedish brand more than the people who live here and with this initiative we are letting their Sweden become visible,” says Thomas Brühl, CEO of VisitSweden.

The guest tweeters have been selected to reflect valuation, competence and interest in several of subject matters, everything from HBT- questions to design and innovation.  The first guest is writer and marketing manager Jack Werner, who took over the account on December 10.

- I feel very happy and proud that I have been asked to do this. I have always wanted to show tourists my view of Sweden. Being able to do this on Twitter now feels like a natural and fun step, he says.

@Sweden has been on Twitter since January 2009 and currently has over 8000 followers. During 2009 and 2010 VisitSweden was responsible for updates on Sweden related matters from a tourism perspective. Since 2011, the Swedish institute is communicating a wider picture of Sweden on Twitter. Now heading towards 2012, SI are letting go of the control entirely when inviting guest writers to take responsibility for the Sweden brand every week.

Information about Curators of Sweden, who is guest writing and what they have been writing, is available at

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