Sweden offers a wealth of culinary experiences, from Michelin-starred restaurants to street food. There is a new focus on food in Sweden, more so than ever before. Swedes like to eat well and organic and locally produced food is becoming more and more popular.
Sweden is not all about meatballs, although not many Swedes would say it is a proper Christmas without them on the dinner table.

  • Bread with sunflower seeds
  • Culinary Academy of Sweden in West Sweden 2009

Bread with sunflower seeds

In the north of Sweden, elk and rain deer are traditional foods and the Kalix bleak roe is a delicacy that has recently become origin protected under EU standard. Cloudberries are another speciality from the north. These yellow berries have a unique flavour and made into a warm cloudberry compote, they are perfectly accompanied with vanilla pod ice cream.

Fish and sea food are popular in the Swedish cuisine with dishes such as gravadlax, crayfish and fried and pickled herring.

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, you have come to the right country. Cinnamon buns, princess cake, chocolate balls, saffron sweet bread... where does one start? A visit to a traditional bakery (‘konditori’) to try some of these pastries comes highly recommended.


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