NORTH - Nordic Food Festival

NORTH, the first ever Nordic gastronomy festival to take place in New York City, will take place Wednesday, October 2 through Monday, October 7 at the International Culinary Institute in SoHo.

  • Michelin starred Gastrologik in Stockholm
  • Seafood
  • Academy of Sweden, Culinary - in Jämtland 2012
  • Restaurant Bhoga in Gothenburg

Michelin starred Gastrologik in Stockholm

New Yorkers will have the chance to see local Nordic chefs like Marcus Jernmark (Aquavit), Mads Refslund (Acme), Fredrik Berselius (Aska), Daniel Burns (Luksus) and Carl Kristian Frederiksen (Aamanns Copenhagen) cook and talk about their Nordic heritage. But they will also have the opportunity to taste and learn from some of the most amazing chefs flown in from the Nordic region, including Matt Orlando, Sasu Laukkonen (Chef et Sommelier), Gunnar Karl Gislason (DILL), Gustav Tradgardh (Restaurant Sjomagasinet), Frode Selvaag, and more international chefs are being added in the upcoming weeks.

“It’s about time that Nordic chefs gather here in New York City to showcase the style of cooking that has acclaimed world recognition,” says Chef/Partner of Aquavit and Culinary Director of NORTH, Marcus Jernmark. “I am very excited and honored to be a part of NORTH.”

NORTH also features cooking classes at The International Culinary Center where attendees will learn how to prepare classic Nordic dishes. In addition, people can attend master classes where they will see the participating chefs prepare some of their signature dishes while they talk about their passion, influence and culinary heritage. There will also be several dinners throughout the weekend, where Nordic star chefs will collaborate with the local chefs like Jernmark and Refslund.

“Our vision is to showcase not only the best of Nordic restaurants and chefs here in the city, but also present the Nordic region as the most interesting culinary destination in the world,” says Honest Cooking Editor in Chief, Kalle Bergman.

The NORTH festival is a partnership between Honest Cooking Magazine, Restaurant Aquavit and the International Culinary Center, in collaboration with VisitSweden.

NORTH Food Festival 2013
October 2- 7
International Culinary Institute
462 Broadway

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