If you are looking for an extraordinary venue, you will find it in Stockholm. Stockholm has much more to offer than visual splendour. The Royal Swedish Capital is also known as the Capital of Scandinavia and the main financial and cultural hub in the Nordic and Baltic region. Expect nothing less than top quality service and extraordinary organization.

Top class restaurant Operakällaren in Stockholm

Dine Around

Dining out in Stockholm is a culinary experience. Swedish cooking is famed around the world for its innovative style. Whether you choose an exclusive restaurant or drop into a bar or café, you’ll be spoilt for choice. In the land of the midnight sun, a night out could turn into a completely different experience.

View over Stockholm

Larger venues

Stockholm City Hall is the venue for one of the most celebrated events in the world - the Nobel Banquet. Using the Nobel banquet setting, menu and service you can invite your group to dine like royalty and Nobel laureates.

The Vasa Museum at Royal Djurgården in Stockholm


That the city of Stockholm is more than 700 years-old you might think that it has had the time to build a fine collection of museums for the discerning visitor. And you’d be right - it has.

View over Old Town/Gamla Stan in Stockholm

Historical sites in Stockholm

More than anything else, Stockholm’s character, atmosphere and special charisma are products of its unique, naturally magnificent location.


A part of the official gateway to Sweden