Activities & Extenions

An incentive destination would be nothing without the right activities. Luckily, there is something for everyone in Stockholm and the surrounding area. Or why not extend your stay in Sweden with a trip to Luleå in Swedish Lapland?

  • Huvudskär islet, Stockholm archipelago
  • Northern light in Swedish Lapland

Huvudskär islet, Stockholm archipelago

Feel the pulse of the water
A speedy ride by RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) gives you and your team an unforgettable preview of what Stockholm’s 24,000-island archipelago has to offer. A RIB tour is one of the most adventurous and fun ways to see the archipelago.

A RIB tour is the utmost summer activity - whereas a hovercraft tour would be its counterpart in winter! It is an incredible activity to “fly/speed” over the frozen lakes and the beautiful winter landscapes.

Rent your own island
50 minutes from Stockholm you will find the island of Badholmen where your group, by renting the island, may luxuriate in complete privacy for an evening. Badholmen is an ideal location for incentive parties and various teambuilding activities. Waxholm is another activity island. Its 18th century fortress, which origin dates even further back, is an exciting setting for parties and receptions.

Seal safari
One of Stockholm’s “wow” factors is the archipelago; a landscape of
unspoiled nature and endless possibilities. In the outer parts you might spot
seals if you are lucky!

Island Lodge 
Right in the heart of the stunning Stockholm archipelago, you can find Island Lodge - a hotel, Conference facility and a center for all different types of activities. How about a firewalk or go sailing in the stunning archipelago?

Nice in ICE – ice sculpturing team activity
Have you ever considered ordering an ice-menu or organizing an ice Sculpting competition? Under the guidance of an expert ice artist, you can create incredible sculptures from the crystal-clear ice from Torne River. Teams of three compete to produce the most innovative work of art. Enjoy an exquisite ice menu with flavors from Jukkasjärvi in Swedish Lapland served on plates and bowls of ice.

Hi-tech missions
Green Hat People supplies you with a state of the art mobile technology that
enables you to plan, create and carry out amazing team building activities.
The team building games are designed to challenge and entertain teams by
supplying them with hi-tech interactive missions that are carried out in their
surrounding environment.

Smart City Shopping
Enjoy shopping and get a taste of excellent Swedish design. But you don’t have a lot of time to spare. We can help; let Smart City Shopping guide you round the most Internationally acclaimed Swedish brands, boutiques and antiques dealers in Stockholm. Smart City Shopping works with individuals as well as groups.

Nynäs Havsbad
Although only a short distance from Stockholm, Nynäs Havsbad feels like a different world compared to the vibrant capital city. Your employees will have the luxury of spending a day at the spa and enjoying all the delicious food.

The sky is the limit - rooftop walk
A guided rooftop tour is a historical experience with a magnificent view! Event though many may see the height as a challenge, the main aim for the tour is to experience Stockholm from a different perspective.

Up, Up & Away
Stockholm is one of the few capitals allowing hot air ballooning close to the central areas of the city. This presents a rare opportunity for a ballooning adventure. Your team will not only help fill the balloon before lift off; they will also help fill your glasses with champagne upon landing.

The city of Luleå is only a short flight north from Stockholm and is an amazing complement to the Swedish capital if you are visiting in the winter. Enjoy Arctic scenery, winter sports and, if you are lucky, the breath-taking sight of the northern lights.


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