Let's Celebrate Midsummer!

At Midsummer Eve, the whole country of Sweden takes a break to celebrate the brightest day of the year. In the most northern part of the country, the sun is up for 24 hours and never sets!

  • Midsummer in Sweden
  • Summer dinner at Fejan, Stockholm archipelago
  • Different types of herring and fresh potatoes
  • Aquavit and hot mulled wine,
  • Strawberry cake
  • Fresh potatoes and bleak roe, a Swedish specialty

Midsummer in Sweden

Midsummer is celebrated at the Friday that falls between June 19 and 25. Family and friends gather for feasts - they put up long tables to enjoy pickled herring (sill), new potatoes, Swedish cheeses, crisp bread, strawberry layer cakes and most importantly – flavored schnapps lowered while singing cheerful songs. After the lively meal, a May pole decorated with summer flowers is raised and everyone starts to dance and sing around the pole.

If you would happen to be in Sweden during this magical day, here are some tips of how to celebrate:

·         Dress in bright, summery colors. Watchwords are vivid, relaxed, funny and summery.

·         But most importantly – enter the party with a festive mood!

·         Before going to the festivities, create your midsummer daisy-chain to put on your head

·         Once there, eat as much herring, fresh potatoes, crispbread and strawberries as you like, however, it is just as important to drink schnapps and beer.

·         Sing along in all schnapps songs, singing booklets are often spread around the table.

·         After the midsummer lunch, it’s time to dance around the may pole. Let yourself go and try to imitate the swedes as good as possible. At Midsummer Eve, it is completely normal to imitate a frog while dancing around the pole.

·         Generally speaking, Swedes are somewhat reserved, but at Midsummer Eve, it is completely acceptable to act out and be anything but reserved!

·         Before bedtime, pick seven different flowers, put them under your pillow and you will dream about your future husband or wife!  


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