Discover Gotland - Sweden's Largest Island

Gotland in New York, Oct 30th - Nov 5th

Bergman on Fårö

The Bergman Center on Fårö

Gotland in New York was a design exhibition and film festival celebrating the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Gotland, Sweden’s largest island. During the first week of November 2011 visitors at Scandinavia House and Restaurant Aquavit in New York were able to discover this special place through its art, its cuisine, and the films of legendary Swedish director Ingmar Bergman, who lived and filmed on Gotland’s sister island Fårö.

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Ingmar Bergman Film Festival
World-renowned film and theater director Ingmar Bergman lived and worked on Gotland’s sister island Fårö for 40 years, and the island’s distinctive rugged landscape is a hallmark of many of his films. During the 1960s and the 1970s Bergman shot seven films on Fårö, two of which was screened at the Ingmar Bergman Film Festival during Gotland in New York. In addition to showing two of his most cherished films, Persona (1966) and Shame (1968), the festival also featured the first American public screenings of two documentaries chronicling the everyday lives of Fårö’s inhabitants, Fårö Document (1969, 1979). Read more

October30 - November 4
Scandinavia House, Victor Borge Hall
58 Park Avenue, New York

Gotland Design Exhibition
The Gotland Design Exhibition featured artists and designers who all live and work on Gotland. On display were beautifully crafted installations inspired by the natural landscape and colors of Gotland. Gotland’s rare beauty and unique atmosphere have inspired painters, sculptors, and artisans since the late 19th century, and today Gotlandic artists are known for their work with materials typical of the island, such as wool, wood, limestone, and concrete.  Read more 

October 30 - November 2
Scandinavia House, Volvo Hall
58 Park Avenue, New York

Sample the Flavors of Gotland
Special menus featuring Gotlandic specialties were served at Restaurant Aquavit during the Gotland in New York week. Gotland is an interesting gastronomic destination and a model for sustainable agriculture worldwide. The island is known for its emphasis on sustainability through the entire food chain and outstanding produce, meat and fish. Perhaps most famous of all is Gotland lamb, which grazes freely on wild grasses and herbs that impart a distinctive flavor to the meat. From the sea, pik, perch and herring are local favorites; and in addition to tender flavorful vegetables—organically grown, of course—the island is known for truffles.vRead More

October 30 - November 5
Restaurant Aquavit, 65 East 55th Street, New York

”Ingmar Bergman’s documentary about Fårö can definitely be regarded as one of his best films. A declaration of love for the island and its people.”

Dagens Nyheter, leading Swedish daily.

”It was fascinating to familiarize oneself with the problems of the islanders. Once I started getting to know the conditions and talk to people one thing led to another. I experienced their conditions on Fårö as humiliating.”

Ingmar Bergman

Art & Design

G.A.D , design company based on Gotland

Erik Lindvall/VisitSweden

Whether its wood, wool, leather, stone, glass, concrete, textiles, metal, or ceramics, Gotland’s craftspeople are masters of the island’s many diverse materials. The island’s rare beauty and unique atmosphere have inspired painters, sculptors, and artisans since the late 19th century.

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