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Ingmar Bergman Film Festival

Bergman on Fårö

The Bergman Center on Fårö

World-renowned film and theater director Ingmar Bergman lived and worked on Gotland’s sister island Fårö for 40 years, and the island’s distinctive rugged landscape is a hallmark of many of his films. During the 1960s and the 1970s Bergman shot seven films on Fårö, two of which will be screened at the Ingmar Bergman Film Festival during Gotland in New York. In addition to showing two of his most cherished films, Persona and Shame, the festival will also feature the first American public screenings of two documentaries chronicling the everyday lives of Fårö’s inhabitants.

Persona (1966)
A standout in Bergman’s filmography, Persona is a boldly experimental film that continues to make an impact. As a nurse talks and her patient remains silent, their identities begin to merge. Or, in Bergman’s own words: “It’s about one person who talks and one who doesn’t, and they compare hands and get all mingled up in one another.”

Shame (1968)
A married couple, both musicians, cultivate their garden on an island just off the coast, trying in vain to avoid the war that is encroaching upon them from the mainland. A film with a renewed sense of urgency in its timeless depiction of the consequences of warfare on human existence.

2 x Fårö Document (1969, 1979)
Bergman’s first documentary about Fårö, Fårö Document, is a time capsule of life on the tiny island at the end of the 1960s. It is a unique film featuring Fårö residents in the main roles and Bergman as a socially committed reporter engaging in the fabric of a small rural society. In Fårö Document 1979, a stand-alone sequel to Bergman’s 1969 documentary, farmer and fisher families speak of life on Fårö then and now.

”Ingmar Bergman’s documentary about Fårö can definitely be regarded as one of his best films. A declaration of love for the island and its people.”

Dagens Nyheter, leading Swedish daily.

”It was fascinating to familiarize oneself with the problems of the islanders. Once I started getting to know the conditions and talk to people one thing led to another. I experienced their conditions on Fårö as humiliating.”

Ingmar Bergman

Bergman's Fårö

Rock formations (Rauk) at Fårö, Gotland

Located just northeast of Gotland, Fårö Island is twice the size of Manhattan. Its unique landscape includes low pine forests, open plains, wetlands, small lakes, cultivated fields, as well as several kilometers of sandy beaches.

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