Discover Gotland - Sweden's Largest Island

  • Rock formations (Rauk)  at Fårö, Gotland

    On the islands of Fårö and Gotland, rock formations called "Raukar" can be found.

    © Matton

  • Almedalen, Visby, Gotland

    World Heritage town Visby is a must for all visitors. The narrow alleys, the ring wall and the old cathedral ruins bear witness to a historic time when Visby was a large medieval town.

    © Stig Hammarstedt/VisitSweden

  • Cheeses from Stafva Farm Dairy in Gotland

    Cheeses from Stafva Farm Dairy in Gotland.

    © Bruno Ehrs

  • Fårö, Gotland
    Fårö, Gotland

    © Erik Lindvall/VisitSweden

  • Stora Karlsö at Gotland
    Stora Karlsö at Gotland

    © Mats Jansson

© Erik Lindvall/VisitSweden