Discover Gotland - Sweden's Largest Island

  • Rock formations (Rauk)  at Fårö, Gotland

    On the islands of Fårö and Gotland, rock formations called "Raukar" can be found.

    © Matton

  • Almedalen, Visby, Gotland

    World Heritage town Visby is a must for all visitors. The narrow alleys, the ring wall and the old cathedral ruins bear witness to a historic time when Visby was a large medieval town.

    © Stig Hammarstedt/VisitSweden

  • Cheeses from Stafva Farm Dairy in Gotland

    Cheeses from Stafva Farm Dairy in Gotland.

    © Bruno Ehrs

  • Fårö, Gotland
    Fårö, Gotland

    © Erik Lindvall/VisitSweden

  • Stora Karlsö at Gotland
    Stora Karlsö at Gotland

    © Mats Jansson

Gotland in New York, Oct 30-Nov 5

During a week in November the Gotland in New York festival took place at Scandinavia House and Restaurant Aquavit in New York. Visitors were invited to discover and celebrate the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Gotland, Sweden’s largest island through its art, culture, and cuisine.

© Erik Lindvall/VisitSweden