See Stockholm

See Stockholm in its full glory – you’ll never forget the first time.

  • Millesgården, at Lidingö in Stockholm
  • World Heritage Site Skogskyrkogården in Stockholm
  • Take the steamboat to the Stockholm archipelago
  • View over Stockholm
  • Moderna Museet, Stockholm
  • Biking in Stockholm

Millesgården, at Lidingö in Stockholm

Sightseeing tours

Stockholm is a city on water, and a boat tour is as essential for visitors to Stockholm as it is for visitors to Venice. The Strömma Canal Company (Strömma Kanalbolaget) runs various boat tours in the city departing from quays near the Royal Dramatic Theatre, the Grand Hôtel and the City Hall. During the Pride festival there are special gay sightseeing tours, specially made for the festival.


A spectacular park built to portray the artist Carl Milles’ most famous sculptures. The park is built with a beautifully balanced stage design of terraces, fountains, stairways, sculptures and columns, coupled with a diversity of vegetation and an immense vista across the waters. Relax on the bistros pergola and enjoy the majestic vistas over a glass of wine, an espresso or lunch. Our Catering is also available for luncheons, dinners and events.

The Vasa Museum

The magnificent and omissible Vasa Museum, which houses a perfectly-preserved warship which sank in Stockholm harbor on its maiden voyage in 1628.

The Woodland Cemetery (Skogskyrkogården)

The Woodland Cemetery is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Drama queens could make a pilgrimage to the strangely romantic and oddly mesmerizing Woodland Cemetery, where Greta Garbo is buried. The cemetery can be found a short ride away from the centre of Stockholm, set within a hundred hectares of heavily-planted pine forest and grassy slopes.

Stockholm City Museum

The Stockholm City Museum organises gay-themed citywalks and boattrips around the city, focusing on Stockholm’s gay heritage. Visitors are welcomed by the museum’s bright pink mascot, Rose the Poodle, standing guard at the front door.

Stockholm City Museum/ Stucco master’s apartment

The ornamental sculptor Axel Notini's apartment is a fine example of a wealthy middle-class home at the end of the 19th century. The house that he built for himself is richly decorated with ornamental plasterwork both inside and out. The plasterwork has been restored to its original condition and visitors can see what a drawing room, gentleman's study and master bedroom might look like in an upper-middle class apartment. Why not arrange a special pink champagne tastings for a small gathering - it’s usually hosted by a transgender champagne expert. 

Öppet Hav

You’ll never forget the first time you take an adventurous ride through the Stockholm archipelago at a breathtaking speed with a Rigid Inflatable Boat. Boats in different sizes, safety equipment provided, route is planned according to conditions and wishes.


A part of the official gateway to Sweden