Fertile Ground for Innovation?

Sweden has an international reputation for modernity and ingenuity in design and innovation. Last year the Global Innovation Index ranked Sweden second, for the third year in a row. Is it something in the water, or are there systemic reasons for this consistent success?

  • Hövding-the invisible Bicycle Helmet

Hövding-the invisible Bicycle Helmet

Inventions such as dynamite, the pacemaker and Bluetooth technology came out of Sweden. Two of the most recent stars on Sweden’s creative technology scene are Hövding and Solvatten, inventors of the “invisible” bicycle helmet and the sun-powered water purifier respectively. You can read more about these companies on the website Sweden Beyond the Fiction (www.swedenbeyond.com), together with a number of other articles on the innovative and creative Sweden. You’ll also have a chance to learn about Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city and a hotbed for young innovation, and find out how Sweden’s educational system has fostered a large number of confident and curious innovators.

In addition to the newly published articles on Swedish innovation and creativity, Sweden Beyond the Fiction sets the record straight on issues as diverse as the Swedish welfare system, Bergmanesque melancholia, parental leave and male feminists. The website started as a way to explore the country behind the Swedish crime fiction phenomenon and features articles about Sweden, its culture and society, ranging from more fact-driven pieces to colorful prose.

Visit the website to learn more: www.swedenbeyond.com

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