Swedish gold in Culinary Olympics

Grand slam for Sweden in Culinary Olympics in Erfurt this week; Gold in all four categories makes the Swedish culinary team champions of the whole competition.

  • Swedish gold in Culinary Olympics

Swedish gold in Culinary Olympics

45 nations from all over the world came to Erfurt in Germany earlier this week to compete in the world’s largest professional cooking competition, The Culinary Olympics. Sweden won gold in categories A-B-C-D and R, something which makes Sweden the first team in the competition’s history to do a Grand Slam.

Team leader for the Swedish Culinary chef team, Krister Dahl, is proud of his chefs.

“What a fantastic group of people I’ve had the honour to manage during the past four years. I’ve never experienced such team spirit where everyone supports each other and add creative ideas and thoughts, within as well as outside their areas of responsibility.” says Krister.

The Swedish culinary team include: Fredrik Björlin, Jesper Bogren, Fredrik Hedlund, Klas Lindberg, Tom Sjöstedt and Viktor Westerlind samt konditorerna Patrik Fredriksson, Johan Sandelin, Daniel Roos och Mattias Ljungberg.

The Culinary Olympics takes place every forth year and attract over 1000 visitors.

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