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City breaks in Sweden

With warm weather and lots of fun events in Sweden in late summer and early autumn, now is a great time to go on a citybreak to one of the Swedish cities. In the Swedish cities you are never far from nature so why not try a seafood safari while in Gothenburg, a boatrip to the archipelago in Stockholm or a quick trip from Malmö to picturesque Ystad where you can follow in the footsteps of Wallander? Then of course there are the shops, restaurants, bars and cafes to look forward to when you get back into town!

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image Restaurant “bloom in the park” in MalmöMiriam Preis/VisitSweden

Foodie citybreak in Malmö

A city break in Malmö means amazing food and cozy little cafes. The region offers regional specialities and traditions such as spättekaka (a local, sugar-based dessert cake baked on a spit), ålagille (eel feasts), gåsamiddag (the annual goose dinner), äggakaka (a traditional thick pancake with fried bacon), and loads of traditional cafes and coffee roasteries.

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image Mosebacke at Södermalm in StockholmNicho Södling/

Sleek and effortlessly chic Stockholm

Sleek and effortlessly chic, it is hard not to be charmed by Stockholm´s cutting-edge galleries, trendy fashion shops and innovative restaurants. The capital, built on 14 islands offers high quality food, sights and shops to fill a city weekend to the brim!

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image The art museum in GothenburgKjell Holmner/Göteborg & Co

Culture and cuisine in Gothenburg

Gothenburg has been hailed as the new up-and-coming city break destination for culture, shopping, entertainment and, not least, food and drink. The highlight of the cultural year in Gothenburg is the six days of the Gothenburg Culture Festival in August. Though the other 359 days aren’t bad either!

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image Fermented herring – Surströmming – a Swedish specialtyVisitSweden

Not for the faint hearted

August is the month for the fermented herring (surströmming) parties in some parts of Sweden. Eat rotten fish?! Well if Jamie Oliver enjoys it then why not try it too?! So if you are brave enough then head to Sweden and try this unique delicacy. And remember, it tastes so much better than it smells!

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image Apple cakeJakob Fridholm/

This month's recipe - Apple cake

Here's a delicious autumnal recipe from Skåne that we'd like to share. Apple cake ”Skåne style” with vanilla ice cream. Skåne is famous for its apples, there is even a hugely popular apple festival in Kivik every September.

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image Bro Hof Slott Golf Club, just outside StockholmPeter Cordén/Brohof Slott

Swedish golf courses

If you don't fancy spending all your time in the cities you are never far from a golf course in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. A few great examples are Bro Hof Slott Golf Club, just outside Stockholm, and Barsebäck Golf Club and Falsterbo near Malmö. 

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Things to do in Sweden this month

August and September are great months to visit Sweden if you love seafood, with crayfish and surströmming parties happening throughout the months, the start of the lobster season and a shellfish journey to experience.

The surströmming premiere
All countries have their own dreaded delicacies – insects, strange entrails and pieces of meat in various stages of decay. Sweden has the notorious fermented herring (surströmming) and August is the time for the surströmming premiere.

Crayfish parties
As the Swedish summer draws to a close, you may be lucky enough to experience warm, clear August nights that are almost Mediterranean in character. That’s when Swedes have their crayfish parties.

Crayfish package in West Sweden
You can now book your crayfish package at Väderöarnas Värdhus guesthouse in West Sweden!

Lobster premiere and Shellfish journey
The much-anticipated lobster season starts 24 Sep this year and runs until the end of April. This is a period when fishermen and locals alike seek the 'Black Gold' from the depths of the west coast's deep blue waters.

If you like lobsters then don't miss the famous Shellfish Journey (24 Sep - 4 Nov 2012). West Sweden is renowned for its world-class seafood and this foodie experience enables visitors to sample the Big Five – lobsters, oysters, mussels, crayfish and prawns – at their best during the autumnal Shellfish Journey. 

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