Gourmet walks in Skåne

Discover southern Sweden’s gourmet walking trails where you can dine like a local and enjoy a new coastal walk for foodies in Skåne. The best way to explore this region is via one of the gourmet walking trails, specially designed to show off the best of the region’s cuisine in some of its most beautiful countryside.

  • Canola field in Skåne
  • Dunkers kulturhus, art gallery in Helsingborg

Canola field in Skåne

1000 kilometres of beautiful landscape

The Skåneleden Trail is a long distance footpath through the beautiful countryside of Skåne. The Trail is over 1000 kilometres long and is divided into five separate trails, with total of 86 sections.

Kullaleden - a great trail for food lovers!

One of these trails is the Kullaleden, a section of the Skåneleden Trail. Kullaleden takes you from Helsingborg in north western Skåne around the Kullaberg peninsula. Explore the medieval city centre of Helsingborg, beautiful views across the water towards Helsingör and Hamlet's Castle, visit the well-known Sofiero Castle, beautiful beaches and picturesque seaside villages.

Start by exploring the pretty seaside town of Helsingborg, where you can join locals on a food walk of the city and visit the award winning craft brewery, Helsingborgs Bryggeri, set up by two friends who wanted to reclaim the old Swedish brewing methods. Then why not head north to the beautiful Sofiero Castle with it's amazing park and great restaurant?

Further North you can check in at Grand Hotel in Mölle, or head for the picturesque seaside village of Arild and the stunning cafe Flickorna Lundgren where you can try a traditional Swedish ‘Fika’ (the Swedish version of afternoon tea). 

There is plenty for the food lover to choose from along they way; eggs from Brännan, herring from Arild, meat from Brunnbygård, wild garlic from Kullaberg, tomatoes and potatoes from Viken. Find more places to visit here



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