Dave goes to Skåne

Londoner Dave Smith made a video diary of his recent long weekend in Skåne – click on the videos below to follow his adventures!

UK holidays may be all the rage this summer, but those in search of a unique, relaxing break off the beaten track, don’t have to compromise by staying at home.  In the time it takes to drive to the Cornish coast you could be in Skåne, southern Sweden, on a deserted beach (without Dave), sipping a leisurely coffee, cycling over rolling hills, or watching beautiful people in the city of Malmö.

And with hotels from just £96 per night and flights from under £45 return with a host of airlines, it won’t cost much more than a break in Britain, so why wait?

Don’t listen to Dave, discover Skåne for yourself!

Located on the southern most tip of the country, the thriving coastal city of Skåne is a microcosm of Sweden with its lush national parks, vibrant city life, cutting edge art and design, gourmet cuisine and long, sandy beaches. Don't listen to Dave, discover Skåne for yourself!


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