Live Swedish! Holidays to Sweden

Holidays to Sweden with Black Tomato

From the stylish city centres of Stockholm and Gothenburg to the peaceful islands of the surrounding archipelago, there’s a whole lot to see in the space of a week. That’s why we’ve put together a little tasting menu of some of our favourite experiences from across the country. Sample Sweden’s best bits, from chic boutiques to hands-on lobster hauling on this exclusive Nordic adventure.

Holidays to Stockholm

National day in Stockholm

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Hailing as Sweden’s super-stylish capital, Stockholm is a postcard-perfect city with its warm hues of red, orange and vanilla buildings set against those signature Swedish blue skies. Forward thinking design and high-end fashion boutiques are found in the streets of Södermalm, along with hip bars and eateries where you can while away the days doing as the local Stockholmers do. For those who love hitting the shops, Stockholm offers fashionable finds and quirky galleries to satisfy the most trend conscious of us all. For high fashion and Antiques, head to the glamorous Östermalm district, home to bold Swedish brands such as Acne and Filippa K.

Holidays to Gothenburg

Aschbergsgatan 24, Gothenburg

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A city filled to the brim with its many bridges, hills, and ever-present views over the water, Gothenburg is a visual delight where gorgeous views are found around every turn. Being Sweden’s second biggest urban hub, it has still managed to retain its small town charm. One thing this city has in its droves is an abundance of lip smacking seafood restaurants. For those wanting to get a real taste for the regional fare the Harbour District offers an array of choices; try Sjömagasinet – where fish and shellfish reign supreme.

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