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Stockholm's Peerless Archipelago

Summer night at Sandhamn, Stockholm archipelago

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Morning, and a broad brush appears to be painting pastel pinks and blues on the horizon. From your balcony stateroom or from the outer decks of your ship, islands float by, some green, some rocky outcrops, some uninhabited and others dotted with red wooden summer homes with white-framed windows and piers jutting out into the water.

Welcome to Stockholm’s archipelago. Consider these islands in the stream to be the icing on the cake for your Baltic cruise. All ships departing from — or sailing to — Stockholm’s city center must transit what is surely one of the most beautiful waterways on the planet. And who would want it to be otherwise?

The archipelago has a primordial beauty. You could imagine that it looked the same at earth's dawn, and indeed, dawn is a good time to experience the archipelago. During the long summer days, when Stockholm is nearly light around the clock, many cruise passengers awaken at 4 a.m. to enjoy the full three- to four-hour transit that will allow them to see a fair number of the 30,000 islands, islets and rocks that make up the archipelago.

With the gentle water rippling as the ship motors forward, it's so quiet that you can hear the water lapping on the shorelines. 

Ships departing Stockholm allow passengers to enjoy the archipelago during full daylight, when the islands bustle with life. Look closely and you will see Swedes on the inhabited islands, enjoying retreats from the city life during their summer holidays. It is here in the islands that summer memories are made from for many Swedes.

For cruise ship passengers, the transit imprints indelible images of beauty in the memories of those who simply sit back and allow the archipelago to work its magic.

Cruise Stockholm’s beautiful archipelago for a trip that you always remember.

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