Accommodation in Sweden

In Sweden accommodation comes in all shapes and sizes. Chill on a bed of ice or get a birds-eye view of life from a bed in a tree-house. Ever wondered what it's like to sleep behind bars? Do some of your vacation time in an authentic 19th century prison. Live like a king in an elegant countryside manor or in a monastery from 1420.

The Swedish standard of life is high and we don't mind sharing our treasures. You'll find plenty of excellent hotels in all price categories or if you prefer to stay in a more modest guesthouse or camping site the range of choices will once again impress you.

  • There are many accommodation options in Sweden

There are many accommodation options in Sweden

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Grand Hôtel in Stockholm

Hotels in Sweden

Sweden has a wide choice of high-standard, quality hotels.

Sleep in a plane at Stockholm Arlanda

Truly Unique Swedish Hotels

Sweden has some of the most unique hotels in the world. Don’t miss our top list of unique places to stay, all very different when it comes to design, luxury and originality. Dare to stay at a different hotel in 2013!


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