Getting to Sweden by ferry or boat

Holidaymakers taking their car to Sweden have a wide range of options via Germany and Denmark, with onward crossings to Sweden. Another option is the fixed link across the Öresund strait between Denmark and Sweden which cuts journey times considerably.

  • Different options to go to Sweden by ferry

Different options to go to Sweden by ferry

By Ferry

There are a number of popular routings available from the UK, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Åland, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. See the links on the left for more details.

By Private Boat

If you arrive in Sweden in your own boat you must land at a harbour with customs facilities. Information on customs requirements is available from Swedish Customs - "Tullverket". 
Tullverket - Swedish Customs
P.O. Box 12854
SE-112 98 Stockholm
E-mail: tullverket@tullverket.com

Cruise in the Baltic Sea, Stockholm archipelago

Cruising in the outstanding Baltic

See Sweden from the Sun Deck. With its beautiful, long, and richly varied coastline, it’s no wonder that Sweden is becoming an increasingly popular destination for cruise ships from all over the world.

Nassa, Storskäret, Stockholm archipelago

Sweden’s archipelagoes

The Stockholm archipelago. The West Coast archipelago. Heard of them? Sweden’s archipelagoes are oases of naturally perfect peace and quiet, of unwinding and discovering a different side of Sweden.


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