Canals in Sweden

If you want to see the idyllic heartland of Sweden from a unique perspective, a voyage on Göta or Dalsland Canals is highly recommended!

  • Göta Kanal

Göta Kanal

Göta Canal

Göta Canal with its 58 locks and 47 bridges, runs from Mem/Söderköping on the Baltic Sea to Sjötorp at Lake Vänern. Together with other canals it helps create “Sweden's Blue Ribbon” and connects Stockholm and Gothenburg by water.

The Göta Canal offers many different experiences. But lockage is without a doubt one of the best.

There are several passanger boats trafficking the canal or you can hire a boat and experience the trip on your own. Just take your time and remember that the lockkeepers know what to do and are always there to help you.

Dalsland Canal

Near Gothenburg is the idyllic and highly scenic landscape of Dalsland – a paradise of calm and quiet, deep green forests, and, first and foremost, a famous multitude of lakes, rivers and waterways: a vast water world known among the most magnificently beautiful in Europe.

The Dalsland Canal, of which only ten kilometres is actually man-made, connects a 240 kilometre navigable system of lakes of tremendous beauty and serenity. More than anything, Dalsland is known as a mecca for canoeists and kayakers, who come from all over Sweden and the rest of Europe to enjoy weeks of paddling and peaceful, scenic camping, always with an abundance of natural luxuries such as solitude and pristine wilderness.
The Dalsland Canal system can also be enjoyed at leisure from a passenger´s vessel, with several companies operating the system from 1 May to 30 September.

Göta Kanal

Göta Canal

190km of lush, scenic vistas and picture perfect charming canal side villages. What’s not to like?

The Dalsland Canal

The Dalsland Canal

Calm, quiet canal cruising, crystal clear waters, and idyllic summertime Swedish countryside camping.


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