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  • Different options to go to Sweden by train

Different options to go to Sweden by train


SJ Family offer applies to 2nd Class travel and means that a passenger with an adult ticket can bring along max. two children aged max. 15 years as follows:

On InterCity, regional trains and in seating carriages on SJ Night trains:
Accompanying children pay just the booking fee when travelling together with a passenger with an adult ticket.

On SJ High-speed train:
Accompanying children pay 15% of the price paid by the adult. Seat included. Small children aged max. 6 years and able to sit in an adult's lap do not require a ticket.

On SJ Night trains:
Accompanying children pay a fixed fee per reserved berth in couchette/sleeping car.


Travelers less than 26 years of age travel at 30% off on SJ's day trains and 15% off on SJ's night trains.

Sweden Rail, Interrail and Eurail passes

If you are going to travel a lot in Sweden the best tickets for tourists are the InterRail Pass if you are permanently living in Europe and the Eurail Pass if you permanently are living outside Europe.
For more information about travelling by train in Sweden, please visit the Swedish State Railways 

Öresund rundt Card (Around The Sound)
Visitors can travel on both sides of Öresund, in both Sweden and Denmark, on the same ticket. The “Öresund rundt” card allows travel on boats and trains and can be bought at Malmö Tourism Office and Malmö Central Station. The card also includes discounts on accommodations and many of the region’s best attractions.


Eurail products, available to North American travelers through European Railway Company representatives in North America, are issued only to non-European residents.


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