Transfer from Stockholm airports

  • High speed train to/from Stockholm Arlanda Airport
  • Flygbussarna, the airport busses

High speed train to/from Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

The Arlanda Express train operates from Arlanda Airport to/from Stockholm Central Station every 15 min. throughout the day. The travel time is only 20 min. A surcharge is applicable when purchasing your ticket on board the train.
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The airport station is also served by long-distance mainline rail services, including night trains to the north of the country.
For more information: Swedish State Railways - SJ
Buses operate to/from Arlanda Airport to the City Terminal near the Central Station in Stockholm about every 10 min throughout the day. The journey takes 45 min.
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Since December 4, 2012 it is also possible to use the regular commuter train service to travel to and from Arlanda, changning trains at Upplands Väsby. Upptåget is the train that runs between Arlanda and Upplands Väsby. 
There is a fee for passing between the trains and the airport terminal at Arlanda. If you have a valid SL ticket, you just pay the passage supplement fee. There is a zone ticket for all three zones with the Arlanda passage supplement fee included.
For more information: Stockholm Transport (SL)
A number of taxi companies operate in Stockholm, and their rates can vary. Note that there are fixed rates for transfers to and from Stockholm Arlanda Airport.. Make sure to confirm the rate before you leave the airport. The taxis from the larger companies always display the name of the driver and the car identification in the front window.
Flygtaxi (Airport taxi)

Ph: +46 (0)8 120 920 00
Fax: +46 (0)8 673 64 50

Taxi 020
Booking from abroad

Ph: +46 (0)20 20 20 20
Ph: +46 (0)8 85 04 00
Taxi Kurir
Ph: +46 (0)771 86 00 00
Taxi Stockholm
Ph: +46 (0)8 15 00 00
Freys Hyrverk (limousine) Ph: +46 (0)8 30 91 00
Fax: +46 (0)8 30 48 30
Airport taxi is booked at the same time as the air trip. It can also be purchased at the ”Flygtaxi” (Airport taxi) counters in terminals 2, 4 and 5. Most major domestic airports in Sweden have Airport taxi service. Airport taxi has fixed rates to most addresses in Sweden and can be shared with other travellers to reduce cost. Transportation can be booked for all of Sweden, phone: +46 (0)8 120 920 00. 

Stockholm Bromma Airport

Bromma is Stockholm’s city airport and your fastest alternative to and from the Swedish capital. 

The airport bus to Bromma Airport is a non-stop bus. It departs from the City Terminal, close to the Central Station in Stockholm. Fare: SEK 85 one-way.
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You can also ride the Stockholm Transport (SL) local bus to and from Bromma Airport. Please note that you must buy your ticket in advance, which you can do in various ways. 

Stockholm Skavsta Airport

Airport buses link all Ryanair arrivals/departures at Stockholm (Skavsta) Airport with the Stockholm City Terminal. Journey time: 1hr 10min. Fare: SEK 149 one-way.
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