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Visit a Swede

The portal Visitaswede.com is no longer active. If you would like to meet up with Swedes, we suggest that you instead visit, for example, Couchsurfing.org

  • Coffee break in Gothenburg

Coffee break in Gothenburg

Go native

Know what a fika is? Where’s the best place in Stockholm to get your hands on and legs into a pair of skinny jeans so beloved of spaghetti-legged Stockholmers? Visiting Gothenburg and want to catch a band, or hit a club, but don’t know where? In Malmö and want to go to some museums, but don’t know which the best ones are?

There are many Swedes who would be delighted to spend time with you and show you their town or city, go for a coffee, have a drink, teach you some Swedish, or maybe even invite you home for a meal. Travel should be about cultural exchanges and making friends and let’s face it; no guidebook can compete with a local who loves their town or city and wants to share it with you.

How else are you going to get an invite to celebrate midsummer in Sweden, or go to a crayfish party. It could happen if you make friends with a Swede while you are here.


More than 90% of all Swedes speak English and probably one or two other languages. They are genuinely interested in people from other countries and cultures and are a well-traveled bunch who know a bit about the world. Swedes also tend to be very proud of being Swedish and can give you the inside track on local things to do and see while you’re here. And if you are both up for it they might even join you.


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