Apart from Christmas, midsummer, midsommar is the most important holiday in the Swedish calendar. And for some, the very most important. The successful midsummer never-ending lunch party formula involves flowers in your hair, dancing around a pole, singing songs while drinking unsweetened, flavoured schnapps and downing a whole load of pickled herring, sill served with delightful new potatoes, chives and sour cream. All in all? A grand day out.

  • Dancing around the maypole. Midsummer in Sweden
  • Midsummer in Sweden
  • Midsummer in Sweden
  • Summer dinner at Fejan, Stockholm archipelago

Dancing around the maypole. Midsummer in Sweden


Originally June 24th. Now Midsummer Eve is celebrated between June 20th-25th.


Skansen, public parks, gardens, summer cottages, in fact, anywhere in Sweden will do as long as it is outdoors!


Every Swedish man, woman and child.

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