Swedish traditions

Swedes love traditions despite being one of the most modern countries in the world. And food is a central part of the festivities. Some countries have holy days, but avant-garde Sweden has cinnamon bun day, waffle day and practically a whole season dedicated to a gooey almond paste and cream bun. You just gotta love it, really. And a lot of the festivities revolve around light, albeit it sunlight, candle light or no light.

  • Midsummer in Sweden
  • Walpurgis Eve in Stockholm
  • Crayfish party at Fejan, Stockholm archipelago

Midsummer in Sweden

Book in advance if you want to partake in food festivities. If there’s one tradition the Swedes’ never stray from, it’s planning. And we are not talking weeks, we are talking months ahead.

Midsummer in Dalarna

Dalarna - The most Swedish of landscapes

Heard of Dalarna? The New York Times picked out Dalarna province in central Sweden as one of the 45 places in the world we should all visit in back in 2012. And it is definitely still worth a visit!

Dancing around the maypole. Midsummer in Sweden


At midsummer Sweden literally closes down. The factories, offices and schools are closed as Swedes retreat to countryside cottages or gather in gardens to celebrate midsummer.

Walpurgis Eve at Skansen

Walpurgis Night and May Day

End of April it is Walpurgis Night, Valborg and this is the night of the bonfire in Sweden, traditionally believed to ward off evil spirits, but now a festive way of welcoming in spring.

Easter twigs


Spring is in the air for this year's Easter time in Sweden and there's lots of fun to be had! It's all about witches, egg hunts, colourful feathers and chocolate.

Celebrating the Swedish way
Traditions and Festivities


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