Swedish spa tradition

Spa and health resorts in Sweden have been around for some 300 years. Some, like Loka Brunn became famous for the apparent healing powers of its spring water; the story goes that a Swedish king, suffering from a raging headache, once went there and ‘partook of the waters’ – and the headache disappeared.

Although the Swedish spa tradition has changed over the past 300 years the basic tenets have not; physical and mental wellbeing and oneness with nature.

  • Loka Brunn in Grythyttan

Loka Brunn in Grythyttan

Wellness – Swedish-style

Swedes are nature lovers and this might be why many spa hotels and spa resorts are located in beautiful seclusion in the Swedish countryside; from the land of the midnight sun in the far north, to the sandy coastline of the south of the country.

Swedes take their leisure-time and spa visits very seriously. The clichéd image of healthy Swedes taking a dip in a lake after a soothing wood-fired sauna is, in actual fact true. Wellness ‘Swedish-style’ for many Swedes means getting away from a hectic work and home life to a weekend retreat to live the simple life with family and friends. Or pampering themselves at a luxury, traditional spa in the countryside, for example, Loka Brunn, Varbergs Kurort, Sätra Brunn and Lundsbrunn are all very popular, or even in Stockholm at Sturebadet, or in Gothenburg at Hagabadet.

Wellness in Sweden also goes hand-in-hand with the right of public access here – part of the Swedish constitution, that lets you roam the countryside as long as you leave it the way you found it. Many spa hotels and spa resorts here therefore offer packages that include walking and hiking and other invigorating outdoor activities.

Come and enjoy Sweden’s spa traditions and its own take on wellness.

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