World famous Swedish glass

The Kingdom of Crystal (Glasriket) is located in the province of Småland in southern Sweden. It brings together the municipalities of Lessebo, Emmaboda, Nybro and Uppvidinge and some 13 glassworks, glass studios and other activities and events.

  • Hand made design in the Kingdom of Crystal
  • Glass art in Åfors, Kingdom of Crystal in Småland
  • Pukeberg in the Kingdom of Crystal, Småland
  • Cutting glass at glassworks Pukeberg, Småland
  • Glassblowing at Kosta Boda
  • Art glass in Glasriket/Kingdom of Crystal

Hand made design in the Kingdom of Crystal

Love Swedish glass and Swedish design?

Then come to the Kingdom of Crystal (Glasriket). This part of Småland is the ‘glass capital’ of Sweden and they have been making world famous glass here since 1742.

In the glassworks and glass studios you get to blow your own glass and see the furnaces where red-hot molten sand is transformed into glass art.
A ‘glass-centric’ stay here can include a visit to the glass museum, shopping for bargains at the many retail and seconds outlets and even staying in the Kosta Boda Art Hotel in Kosta. The bar here is made entirely out of glass, and there are colourful glass objects and details all around the hotel. In addition, there are some 20 hotels suiting all tastes, standards and wallet sizes in the area.

While here, try a traditional and fun Hyttsill at Kosta Glasbruk or Målerås, Orrefors and Pukeberg glassworks where you get to sample Småland delicacies cooked in the cooling ovens.

As well as all the glass-related activities, the area is famous for its cultural heritage and natural beauty: forests and lakes, and for hiking, fishing, canoeing and kayaking.


The Kingdom of Crystal is a year-round destination and is easy to get to by air, rail or car from Stockholm, Copenhagen and Gothenburg.


A part of the official gateway to Sweden