Green Gothenburg

Gothenburg has got international foodies eating out of its hands for it fabulous restaurant and food scene. The fresh, fishy delicacies, including lobster, oysters, prawns and crayfish, served up in the city’s eateries are caught just up the coast from Gothenburg, along the beautiful West Coast.

Gothenburg has also caught the eye of green travelers for its eco-certified events and festivals and many of the city’s big tourism attractions are taking big steps towards a more sustainable future.

  • Gothenburgs Botanical Garden
  • Gothenburg harbour
  • The Grand Market Hall in Gothenburg
  • Kayaking in West Sweden
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Gothenburgs Botanical Garden

Getting around green Gothenburg

Apparently Gothenburgers enjoy 175 m2 of green space each; about a decent-sized garden. Anyway, the city is home to many fine parks and gardens, including Slottskogen City Park and the Gothenburg Botanical Garden. Find out more about Gothenburg’s parks, gardens and nature reserves.

And if you didn’t know it already Gothenburg also has its very own and very wonderful archipelago. It’s easy to get to and you can cover the price of boat tickets and all other public transport travel by buying a Gothenburg City Card. Which is good for your pocket as it gives you free admission to the environmentally friendly and fabulous Universeum Science and Discovery Centre, many other attractions and museums in the city and discounts in selected stores. It’s also good for the city because you use its public transport system. The card also offers free parking in the city, if you really have to rent a car.

Gothenburg on two wheels

Styr & Ställ (Gothenburg Bikes) is the excellent local bike hire system that boasts 600 bikes and 50 conveniently located drop off and pick up stations. Cycling is a brilliant way of seeing and experiencing the city, especially if you want to make lots of stops, for example to discover Gothenburg’s sustainable shopping areas and eco eateries and food stores. Two wheels is also a great way of visiting some of the city’s other attractions such as Liseberg Amusement Park (runs on renewable energy and own wind power station) and the city’s museums.

Green festivals

Every August Gothenburg parties like it’s going out of fashion at the Gothenburg Culture Festival. And one of the main aims of this giant fest is for it to be sustainable. As well as being a complete blast of music, film, street artists, design, poetry etc you get to enjoy the party without worrying about its effect in the environment.

Top-rated Way Out West musical festival held annually at Slottskogen Park is bit of a forerunner among music festivals when it comes to sustainability. In 2012 WOW went veggie because of the environmental damage caused by raising livestock and consuming meat. Not to everyone’s taste, literally, but some 27,000 festival-goers went veggie for 3 days. The organic veggie food went down a treat apparently.

Many very innovative and cool things are happening in the areas of the environment and sustainability in Gothenburg. Come and see them for yourself.

The Green Traveller guide to Gothenburg

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