Horse riding holiday

Sweden boasts a deeply rooted tradition of high quality horse management and breeding and strict regulations regarding animal welfare. It’s a formula for healthy, happy horses and horse-mad Swedes.

  • Nature's Best arrangement Fjällhästen in Lapland

Nature's Best arrangement Fjällhästen in Lapland

Where to do it

Sweden is vast. And long. 1,600 kilometres long to be precise. And it’s high drama. Ride under the midnight sun in the Arctic Circle summertime, mountain trekking in deep virgin forests in central Sweden, or get lost in the forests of the south (metaphorically that is, we don’t like losing horses – or tourists, obviously – to nature. Though we reckon the horse would have a better chance of making it).  And beach lovers can canter along sandy beaches of Sweden’s south.

It’s all in the breeding

Sweden has two indigenous horse breeds: the North Swedish Horse and the Gotland Pony. The North Swedish Horse? Brilliant, even–tempered and terrain-adaptable horse. Good for hacks. The Gotland Pony? Versatile fast trotters but child friendly living monuments from the forest-covered moors of Gotland. The hardy, docile and enthusiastic Icelandic horse is also very popular in Sweden.  If you prefer not to have the reins in your hands, do a carriage ride with two Swedish Half-breds and a carriage.

Riding wild

Wilderness-adventure riding is the way to go in Sweden. Try a working holiday with horses, medieval riding experiences, Scandinavian Knight style (yes, we are serious), hunting on horses, and reindeer rounding-up with the indigenous Sámi people of Swedish Lapland.

Prefer to just watch? Horse show fans flock to the Swedish hosted international horse shows: 
Gothenburg Horse Show in Scandinavium, Gothenburg and the Sweden Horse Show in the Friends Arena, Stockholm, and the Falsterbo Horse Show in Falsterbo, Skåne.


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