THE REGIONS - The very south

The southernmost region of Sweden, Skåne, consists of vast, fertile fields, beautiful rolling hills, enchanted forests and a very long coastline. This is an ideal region for growing, farming, foraging and hunting – the Swedish equivalent of Tuscany.

  • Daniel Berlin, Daniel Berlin Krog in Tranås, Skåne
  • Asparagus, a specialty of Skåne
  • Canola field in Skåne
  • Western harbour in Malmö
  • Bastard in Malmö

Daniel Berlin, Daniel Berlin Krog in Tranås, Skåne

Not only do the many hours of sun and mild climate provide favourable growing conditions, this is an area characterized by its very own regional culinary traditions. For example, spättekaka is a local, sugar-based dessert cake baked on a spit, and äggakaka a traditional thick pancake with fried bacon on top. Also, every year, the locals meet for gåsamiddag, the annual goose dinner on 10th of November.

The food scene in the region’s main city, Malmö, features bistro-style restaurants with comfort food based on local produce with a modern European influence. One of the most fiercely innovative chefs in Skåne, just recently discovered by international food media, is Daniel Berlin, who runs his own restaurant in the small village of Skåne, Tranås. Together with his mother, who looks after the vegetable garden, and his father, responsible for the cheese platter and beverages, Daniel Berlin cooks local specialities in season, such as cod, forest-raised pig, asparagus, beetroot, wild rabbit and rook – all served with his own personal, innovative and caring twist.


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