THE REGIONS - Norrland

The vast northern part of Sweden is a great source of characteristic produce and exciting traditions. The cellar-aged goats’ cheeses from just a few, small farms in Jämtland and Härjedalen, with unique character and taste from each particular cellar, can be found on the Slow Food Foundation’s biodiversity list, The Arc of Taste. The most well-known and reputable cheese is Västerbotten, from the region with the same name, a hard cow’s milk cheese with tiny holes and granular texture, providing chefs with a wide variety of applications.

  • Fresh cheese from Tivars Gårdsmejeri in Jämtland
  • Åre in Jämtland
  • Restaurant Fäviken Magasinet in Jämtland
  • Sarek in Swedish Lapland
  • Souvas - smoked reindeer
  • Kalix löjrom (roe of Vendace from Kalix)

Fresh cheese from Tivars Gårdsmejeri in Jämtland

The cuisine of the Sámi people of Lapland is a gastronomic world of its own. One of their staple foods, suovas – smoked in English – is lightly salted and smoked reindeer meat most often served with deliciously dense unleavened bread and foraged lingonberries. The flavour is enhanced by cold-smoking the traditional way in a kåta, a Sami teepee, over an open fire.

In the coastal region of Kalix, in the very northern part of the Baltic Sea, one can find the unique conditions required for the production of vendace roe. The roe is Sweden’s answer to sturgeon caviar, with an amazing freshness, delicate flavour, supple texture and subtle saltiness.

The region of Jämtland is an eldorado for foodies, with an array of small-scale food manufacturers. Consequently, the Östersund area of Jämtland is a designated UNESCO City of Gastronomy. A bit north of Sweden’s largest alpine ski district, Åre in Jämtland, lies Fäviken Magasinet, one of the most talked-about new restaurants on the international food firmament. No serious foodie can resist the breathtaking menu of the wizardly talented chef Magnus Nilsson, which is based on what is grown, foraged and shot on and around this northerly estate in the middle of nowhere.


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