Skiing for everyone

In Sweden there are some 200 ski resorts, ranging from family resorts, with children’s facilities and activities, to larger resorts with a buzzing nightlife, restaurant and bar scene.

  • Ski resort Funäsdalen

Ski resort Funäsdalen

Then there are the more exotic resorts of the far north for the more daring among us, with heli-skiing and powder skiing in the wilds of Lapland – Europe’s last wilderness.

Snow and ice fun

What Sweden’s ski resorts share is fabulous quality slopes and runs, well tended and extensive cross-country skiing tracks and bundles of other snow and ice related fun such as trip-skating, dog sleighing adventures, ice-driving and climbing, as well as ice-fishing and snowmobiling. And unlike the major continental Europeean ski resorts you won’t have to elbow your way to the front of the queue for the ski-lift here. There is plenty of room for everyone.

What you can also expect when you book a skiing holiday in Sweden is high quality hotels, as well as chalet, cottage and hostel accommodation – most within walking (or skiing) distance of the slopes.

Welcome to a skiing holiday in Sweden, you’ll love our latitude.

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