Family skiing

The ski resorts of Sweden are turned on to the idea that to keep kids happy on holiday, you have to build fun, imagination-packed snow and ice activities around them. And preferably at their height and skiing ability. After all, skiing is a hugely popular sport in Sweden and the traditional winter and spring school breaks in Sweden see resorts fill up with happy little skiers. You should join them and experience family skiing in Sweden.

  • Branäs Ski Resort
  • Theme parks with sleigh runs
  • Sled dog

Branäs Ski Resort

The kids are all right

Most of the child-friendly ski resorts in Sweden are clustered around the Swedish Mountains and many guarantee snow between Christmas and Easter. They all have kid’s slopes with help on hand if the nippers have a pile up, and ski schools with expert instructors to teach them how to ski. A great thing about these resorts is that most accommodation is located close to the slopes, thereby avoiding the ‘I’m bored, when are we going to get there’ syndrome. Another plus, is that in some resorts your runs end where the kids slopes end, so that you get to meet at the bottom, perhaps to go for something to eat. Luckily all restaurants and eateries at Swedish ski resorts welcome children and have children’s menus.

If there is one thing that kids don’t like it’s waiting for ski lifts. So here in Sweden they have their very own push button version, and for smaller kids some resorts even have a specially adapted conveyor belt lift to help them up the slopes. And what with babysitting and crèche services at the larger resorts your kids will be all right.

Snow and ice fun

In the unlikely event that your children get bored of skiing many resorts here have plenty of other fun things for children to do -  many have theme parks with sleigh runs (‘pulka’ in Swedish), treasure hunts, barbecues, playhouses with toys and organised activities – all supervised by trained staff. And for big kids and small, there are snow-scooter safaris, cross-country skiing, hot tubs and a bunch of other activities that the whole family can enjoy together.

What about ‘big people’

With your kids having so much fun at organised and supervised activities you’re going to find yourself with some time on your hands. So why not enjoy the slopes, grab a glass of ‘glögg’, or try trip-skating, ice-fishing, a dog-sleigh trip or one of the many other snow and ice related activities that ski resorts here are becoming famous for. All in the knowledge that your kids are enjoying their holiday as much as you are.

Come to Sweden and experience family skiing.

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