Big air snow parks of Sweden

Sweden’s ski resorts stretch from the Arctic Circle, in the far north, down the Swedish mountains in the north-west, and into Dalarna province.

  • Fjällvallen, Åre

Fjällvallen, Åre


Åre is the biggest ski resort in Sweden and has one of the best snow parks, aptly named Åre Snow Park. The snow park is located in the Bräcke area of the resort and has a black line with 4 big jumps, a red line with 6 jumps, rails and boxes, a halfpipe, a rail line and a snow crosstrack. The rail line consists of rails and boxes and there is a new feature called "Wood Line". Just for your info this resort also has an aquapark for kids. Well worth knowing.


Sälen in the central Swedish mountains is northern Europe’s largest alpine skiing area and takes in four ski resorts; Lindvallen, Högfjället, Hundfjället and Tandådalen, which is where the snow park action is with Super Park, jr Park, iPark and Big Air Arena.

Idre Fjäll

The snowpark at Idre Fjäll ski resort in central Sweden is for all skill levels with jumps, rails, corners and tabletops across green, blue, black and red lines.


With jumps, jibs (rails, boxes, park benches, vertical, pipes, half-pipes, picnic tables and mail boxes) Kläppen Ski Resort in the Swedish mountains in northern Dalarna has them all. The snow park here hosts major European competitions and events like the ‘Jib Academy’ where kids can learn to do tricks. Kläppen is very family-oriented so while the youngsters are jumping and jibbing, you could be enjoying the slopes.

Hemavan Tärnaby

The Hemavan Tärnaby ski resort is actually two resorts, Hemavan and Tärnaby in wild Swedish Lapland in the Arctic Circle. The resorts are separated by a short bus ride. In Hemavan the entire family can enjoy its Fun Park with jumps, rails and boxes. In Tärnaby meanwhile things get more serious at the Training Park which has more challenging jumps.

Most major ski resorts in Sweden have snow parks and terrain parks for beginner, intermediate and expert level jibbers. Many have fun parks or themed snow and ice activities for small children.


The skiiing season in Sweden is usually between November and May, and even into June the further north you go.


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