• Fishing under the midnight sun
    Fishing under the midnight sun

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There are some 37 species of coarse and game fish for you to catch in Sweden; the major ones being pike, zander and perch, as well as salmon trout and grayling in fast running waters. And your kids will be mesmerised after landing the first catch of their young lives at a shimmering lake in a forest clearing. This, and more, is fishing in Sweden.
The Government chancellary Rosenbad in Stockholm

Hooked on city fishing

Hooked on city fishing? In Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö there is some great fishing possibilities both within the cities and outside. You can catch fishes like pike, herring catfish, cod, hake and mackerel.

Fishing in Sweden

Fishing for everyone in Sweden

The fishing season varies because Sweden is some 2,000 kilometres long from tip to toe and has several climate zones. In the lowland, lush south the season is usually year-round off the coast and in its coastal rivers, inland rivers and lakes.


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