Adventure & Sports

  • Rock climbing in Bohuslän
    Rock climbing in Bohuslän

    © Staffan Widstrand/

  • Dog sledding in Swedish Lapland
    Dog sledding in Swedish Lapland

    © Staffan Widstrand/

  • Skiing in Åre
    Skiing in Åre

    © Henrik Trygg/

  • Kayaking in Stockholm archipelago

    Kayaking in Stockholm archipelago

    © Henrik Trygg/



Adventure and sports activities in Sweden are naturally seasonal and spring and summer arrive in the north and Swedish Lapland later than in central and southern Sweden.  Golfers might be teeing off at some of Europe’s best golf courses in the southern provinces of Halland and Skåne in April/May, while the ski slopes up north are still open.

In wintertime Sweden you can enjoy skiing, ice-skating, dog-sledding and other winter sports and come spring/summer you can discover the West Coast by kayak, hike the trails in Abisko National Park in Swedish Lapland and take a timber-rafting holiday in the province of Värmland.


Timber rafting by Nature’s Best

Timber rafting

Wood? Rope? Water? Wilderness? It’s a timber-rafting holiday for drifters.

Nature's Best arrangement JoPe Fors & Fjäll

Extreme sports

You can do everything from adventure racing, archipelago kayaking, RIB boating, frozen lake kite winging, white water rafting, ice climbing, and forest zip lining to dog-sledding and heli-skiing.

Skating at lake Siljan in Dalarna

Trip skating

With mirror-like ice, and sharp blades on your boots, there’s only one place to be. And that’s in Sweden on a trip-skating adventure.

Hunting in Jämtland

Hunting in Sweden

Hunting in Sweden is practically a national past time with almost 300,000 hunters in a population of just over 9 million. Hunt for a wilderness load of game and the world’s highest population of elk (moose).

Snowmobile in Swedish Lapland

Snowmobile through Swedish Lapland

A guided snowmobile safari in the wilds of Swedish Lapland is a mind-blowing activity. It’s just you, snow, expanses of whiteness and a bunch of fellow adventurers.

Dog sledding in Swedish Lapland


The ski resorts of Sweden stretch from Riksgränsen in the Arctic Circle, in the far north, down the backbone of the Swedish mountains in the north-west, and then wind east into the county of Dalarna.



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