Fall for Sweden’s watery charms

So what does tap water in Sweden taste like? Pretty delicious actually, almost wherever you are in Sweden – and at least as good as the bottled variety that you have to pay for. If you prefer your water flavoured, add a slice of your favourite fruit. Add up the pros; Swedish tap water is clean, tasty and free and doesn’t come in a plastic bottle, against the cons; bottled water is expensive, it comes in a plastic bottle and is harmful to the environment.

It’s a done deal – Swedish tap water wins. So when you come to Sweden bring a bottle, fill it to brim and enjoy it for free. And if you’re out in the Swedish mountains you can enjoy the water from flowing mountain streams and brooks.

This is the country of 100,000 lakes, some of them very large (Vänern, Vättern and Mälaren) and you can’t go very far in Sweden without almost falling into one.

Summertime in Sweden, lakes are for basking beside, for swimming, for fishing and for boating. Wintertime, the lakes farther north freeze over and play host to skaters and ice fishing enthusiasts. Just witness the people swimming and fishing in Lake Mälaren in the middle of Stockholm, the water is clean (almost drinking quality) and you can catch salmon and other fish species here. And they are edible, just as the tap water in Sweden is very drinkable.

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Fresh water from the tap

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