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Castles and gardens

Here’s a little historical ditty; Skåne was ruled by Denmark up until the mid 17th century and had Sweden not won it back from them and made it part of Sweden in 1658, the locals would now be speaking Danish and you’d be visiting Denmark the next time you come to Skåne. Anyway, the Swedes and Danes are pals now and joined at the hip by the stunning Öresund Bridge which links Malmö with Copenhagen.

  • Kronovalls castle at Österlen in Skåne
  • Sofiero in Skåne
  • Glimmingehus, a medieval manor in Skåne
  • Häckeberga castle

Kronovalls castle at Österlen in Skåne

Skåne has more castles and country estates than anywhere else in Sweden and many date from the 16th century.

Why is this, you may ask yourself.

The simple answer is that kings, queens and the landed gentry had to renovate, modernise and rebuild their country piles for reasons of function, fashion and safety. So, many of the castles you can visit in Skåne today are built from reused materials from the 11th and 15th century originals. Believe us, they are no less grand or beautiful for it.

Places you should visit

If you happen to be in Helsingborg you have to visit the completely charming Sofiero Castle, just 5 km out of Helsingborg city centre. It was purchased in 1864 by Prince Oscar of Sweden and his wife Sofie. From the castle you get views of the Öresund strait and Denmark, that is if you can take your eyes off the fantastic sight of 10,000 rhododendrons in the castle ravines.  The gardens here are almost as famous as the castle, just as it should be, and you can wander the various flowerbeds and kitchen garden, or plonk yourself down and have a picnic on the lawn. Other things to do here include browsing the castle shop, or visiting its restaurant and café.

Go medieval

Going back further in time, to 1499, Glimmingehus Castle near the town of Simrishamn on the south east coast is the best-preserved medieval castle in Scandinavia. More a fortress than castle, and you’ll find out the very good reasons for this when you visit, Glimmingehus is also home to a museum, museum shop and restaurant where you can sample medieval fare. It also hosts medieval tournaments and other events.

Stay in a castle

Not only can you visit Kronovalls Castle in Österlen in the east of the region – you can stay there! This ‘chateau-like’ castle has 14-room, 17th and 18th century styled and decorated accommodation in the main building and other rooms in the ‘White Villa’ and a cottage. You can live like a king or queen, sipping on bubbly from its own wine cellar and sampling traditional regional dishes made from local ingredients in its restaurant. You can also enjoy the castle grounds and gardens. Go on, treat yourself.

For another charming castle stay try Häckeberga Castle, just 30 kilometres east of Malmö. The red-bricked building dating from the 1870s, is set on an island in the middle of lake Häckeberga and it is perfect countryside retreat. While away the hours with countryside walks and the other activities on offer here and look forward to a sumptuous dinner with accompanying wines from its fine wine cellar.


OK, we’ve only covered a very few of Skånes magnificent castles. For information on all the others please go here

Malmö Konsthall

Culture in Malmö

Malmöfestivalen in late August is party time in Malmö and this is your invitation. Street art and performances, dancing, live bands, stages strewn all around the city and tented food and festival fare villages dot all areas.

Western Harbour in Malmö

Nature in Malmö

Malmö is famous for its city centre parks (16 and counting) and its beautiful canals that wind their way through the older parts of town. You can bike, boat or foot it around the green oases of calm as all Malmö's parks are within a short distance of each other.


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