Skåne - fall for its southern charm

Skåne is pretty as a patchwork quilt: fertile farmlands, forests and lakes littered with castles, manors and museums plus magnificent gardens. A stronghold of the Viking era, you will also find an abundance of medieval churches as well as picture perfect renaissance style villages. By the time you pit stop to see the peasants in Skåne at Kulturen and Ingeborrarps Friluftsmuseum, you’ll have culture coming out your ears. And as for your arts? Skåne is a bit of a local artist silver, glass and pottery gallery mecca.

  • Glimmingehus, a medieval manor in Skåne

Glimmingehus, a medieval manor in Skåne

Picture perfect landscape

Skåne is the country’s southernmost region and one of northern Europe´s richest farming districts, Skåne is generally associated with endless open fields and wide, flat horizons. Find lush, leafy forest and dramatic rocky coasts in the northwest, endless fields and mile-long white beaches in the south, gently rolling hills and green groves to the west.

Castles & gardens

Southern Sweden is awash with near 300 castles and gardens from various historic eras ranging from the 12th to 19th centuries. Due to their general magnificence, it’s hard to pick out any, but if you are near Helsingborg, breathing in the blooming, lovely rhododendrons at the opulent renaissance style Sofiero castle and gardens, is a must. And if you are bound for Kristianstad, catch an art exhibition at lakeside Wanås Castle and park, simply dotted with stunning sculptures.


The Skåne region is famous for its rich dairy, goose, eel and farm fresh foods. Prized local produce and traditions include asparagus, forest berries, mushrooms, goose and eel feasts, shellfish and wild venison.

Golfing crazy

For golfers, Skåne is the place to go in Sweden. There are over 70 courses around the region, most of high quality, and many among the finest in northern Europe. The mild climate allows many of these courses to stay open almost year round.

Tennis town tradition

Tennis fans must visit the Bjäre peninsula, with the famous tennis town of Båstad, a legendary party spot that attracts visitors from near and far in summer, particularly in July during the week of the annual ATP tennis tournament.

Ystad – Wallander tour

The picturesque small town of Ystad – on Skåne´s south coast – is the home of bestselling author Henning Mankell´s police inspector Kurt Wallander. This is the spot to do the Wallander tour and check out the Österlen region, an area of splendid beauty, with gently rolling hills, long white beaches and lush apple groves.

Western harbour in Malmö


If you are looking for a relaxing city weekend then head to Malmö in southern Sweden. Cosmopolitan, attractively compact Malmö is reinventing itself with new, sustainable districts such as Western Harbour, and fascinating architecture such as the Turning Torso building.

Pildammsparken in Malmö

Malmö parks and gardens

Sunbathing on a summer’s day, picnicking in springtime and autumn and winter strolls. Welcome to the parks and gardens of Malmö

Restaurant Årstiderna in Malmö

Food & drink in Malmö

New tastes and influences from near and far blend with regional traditions from Skåne such as spättekaka (a local, sugar-based dessert cake baked on a spit), ålagille (eel feasts), gåsamiddag (the annual goose dinner on 10 November), äggakaka (a traditional thick pancake with fried bacon on top), and endless types of marinated herring.

Bro Hof Slott Golf Club, just outside Stockholm


Sweden has made a name for itself as a golfing nation with the success of golfing legend Annika Sörenstam and leading PGA Tour players Carl Petterson and Henrik Stenson.


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