The Midnight Sun

The Midnight Sun is an unbroken 24-hour period of sunlight that only occurs in Europe in the Arctic Circle in summertime when the conditions are right. Which means when it’s not cloudy or raining and the sky is clear. Darkness is banished by the almost constant daylight as night and daytime blur and the unique wilderness landscapes here take on a dream-like quality.

  • Midnight sun over Torne river

Midnight sun over Torne river

Wide awake in Swedish Lapland

Let’s face it the midnight sun experience might mess with your head for the first few days after you arrive, so pack a sleeping mask if you want to get some shut-eye. Even the people who live in Swedish Lapland have problems sleeping and black out curtains are a big seller. Our advice is to simply succumb to the light and be dazzled into staying vertical for as long as you can to enjoy this unique part of the world. You can sleep when you get home.

When does it happen? In Kiruna, Swedish Lapland from around the end of May until mid-July.

Midnight sun experiences

Past midnight you can get 18 holes in at Björkliden Arctic Golf Course in the Arctic Circle; in fact you can get as many rounds in as you want since there is no sunset.

The more adventurous traveler could always take on the challenge of scaling Kebnekaise, Sweden’s highest mountain, go skiing or for the more artistic adventurer how about an ice-sculpting course at the ICEHOTEL.

For your very own midnight sun experience pick a quiet spot with uninterrupted views; which is not a problem in vast Swedish Lapland, and bathe in the rays of the unique and spectacular midnight sun.


Summertime in Swedish Lapland, usually between end May and mid-July. However the further north you go, the longer it last.

Kosterhavets National park in Bohuslän

Nature loving Sweden

Nature & Outdoors? Sweden?
You better believe it. Sweden is one of the least populated countries in the world (195th apparently) and is home to Europe’s last remaining wilderness. Add in its giant, wild coastline studded with archipelagoes, the 700 kilometre long Swedish mountains and its vast forest and thousands of lakes. It’s almost unfair that one country should be this blessed by mother nature.

Lookout from Skierffe, Rapadalen in Swedish Lapland

Sweden’s national parks

Swedish forest, mountain and marine national parks and a whole lot of wild Swedish adventure.


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