Abisko National Park

Lonely Planet named Abisko and the Northern Lights the world's most illuminating experience as part of celbrating that 2015 was the UN Year of Light. Abisko is a 77 km² national park in Swedish Lapland famous for its natural beauty, Nordic wildlife and is a hot (cold) spot for winter adventures as well as summer hiking in the midnight sun.

  • Lapporten in Abisko, Swedish Lapland
  • Midnight sun at Mount Nuolja at the hour 00:15

Lapporten in Abisko, Swedish Lapland

Summer in Abisko

Trek through boreal forests. Hike along fjords, canyons and waterfalls. Go caving. Try your hand at fly-fishing. See Trollsjön, the clearest lake in Sweden in the Kärkevagge valley.

Winter in Abisko

Go Alpine, off-piste or Nordic skiing. Try telemark skiing (traditional downhill technique but using cross-country skis). Slap on your snowshoes or dog sled to an ice fishing spot. And for a true local experience, eat reindeer, drink coffee round the fire and camp with the indigenous Sami people.

Abisko Mountain Station

Situated in the most northern part of Swedish Lapland – 250 km north of the Arctic Circle – Abisko Mountain Station is the STF largest and oldest over-night pit stop; a classic lodge that opened at the turn of the last century.

Aurora Sky Station

Aurora Sky Station is one of the best spots in the world for seeing the Northern Lights. Get a chair lift up to the station and learn about how the Aurora Borealis observations are made with the radio receivers and cameras. Gourmet Northern Lights? Yes. You can book a gourmet Nordic cuisine dinner to be eaten under the Northern Lights.

Abisko is the start of Sweden's best known skiing and hiking route – the 440 km long the King's Trail (Kungsleden).


Best time for:
The Midnight Sun? 30th May–14th July
The Northern Lights? Nov-Mar

Midnight sun over Torne river

The Midnight Sun

Come to Swedish Lapland summertime for one of the earth’s most dazzling natural phenomena – the Midnight Sun.

Northern light in Swedish Lapland

The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights. Aurora Borealis. Or norrsken in Swedish. The biggest, brightest, unearthly heavenly illuminations happen only in the northern hemisphere. And one of the best places anywhere to see them is in Swedish Lapland.


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