Malmö museums

…because most of Malmö’s major museums are under the same roof at Malmöhus Castle (Malmöhus Slott), an imposing, moat-wrapped building dating from 1937. The castle’s origins however are much older. Malmö’s other great museums are conveniently dotted around the city.

  • Malmö Museums at Malmöhus castle

Malmö Museums at Malmöhus castle

The Malmö Art Museum (Malmö Konstmuseum), Stadsmuseum (City Museum), the Museum of Natural History and the Science and Maritime House Museum are housed in Malmöhus Castle.

The key dates in the history of this functionalist building are 1436 when a fortress was built here – and then destroyed, 1537 when it was rebuilt – and then destroyed by fire in 1870, and 1937 when it was rebuilt. It has been a fortress, a castle, a prison and is now a splendid museum home.

Go to the City Museum to find out about the history of Malmö and surroundings, the Konstmuseum for the largest collection of 20th century Nordic art in Sweden, and the Museum of Natural History for its fabulous aquarium and stuffed animals. And for trams, jets, a real U3 submarine and science experiments go to the Science and Maritime House.

One of Malmö’s museums not housed in Malmöhus Castle is Malmö Konsthall at Sankt Johannesgatan. This fine gallery would be worth visiting for its use of light and space even if there was no art in sight. But there is; with an international focus on its exhibitions and permanent collection of modern art. The main hall is used to brilliant effect to present its collections, among them the Schyll Collection.

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