Gothenburg Botanical Garden

The Gothenburg Botanical Garden takes up an area of some 430 acres, most of it a nature reserve. There are 40 acres of gardens, with a mind-boggling 16,000 plants and cultivars. If you can’t get your head around the acreage, let’s just say it’s very large and you might not see everything. But you should try.

  • The Botanical Garden in Gothenburg

The Botanical Garden in Gothenburg

The Gothenburg Botanical Garden is just an exceedingly pleasant and interesting day out for everyone. The garden proper here is a bit like visiting a magnificent cathedral; it’s all hushed voices, contemplation and ‘Ooh, isn’t that beautiful’. What makes this botanic garden different from others is that there are sweeps of forests and shimmering glades for walks and extensive lawns for picnics.

Michelin starred

Did you know that gardens could be awarded stars in the Guide Michelin? The Rock Garden here has 3 of them and you might say it’s the star attraction. It is split into the geographical areas of origin of the plants; thus America, Europe and Asia. There are some 6,000 beautifully presented plants here ranging from edelweiss to plants from the Himalayas and even an insect eater from America. 
The other areas of the garden are the Japanese Glade, the Rhododendron Valley, the Kitchen Garden, the Arboretum and the Green Houses. And just think; one of the garden staff has traveled the world to handpick some of the plants you see here, just for you to enjoy. Wonderful.
The other amenities you can enjoy here include the Botaniska Paviljongen restaurant and cafeteria, where you can enjoy lunch, refreshments or coffee and buns. There is also an Art Gallery and shop.


The Gothenburg Botanical Garden is open year-round from 9.00 am to sun down. Go here for directions on how to get to the gardens by bus, tram and car from central Gothenburg.

There is a ‘voluntary’ admission fee of SEK 20.

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Urban nature

Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö are modern, bustling metropolises offering all the attractions of big city living, but they all share a secret. A secret you should try to discover when you are here.

The Slottsskogen park in Gothenburg

The Slottsskogen park

Located by the Linné area, the vast and beautiful Slottsskogen park, a fairly lengthy walk or a quick tram ride from the city centre, is the city’s most popular green oasis and recreation area.


A part of the official gateway to Sweden