Street food in Gothenburg

Gothenburg is a seafaring city and seafood gastronomic hub built around Scandinavia´s largest port. So you can expect top class seafood even street side.

  • Fiskekyrkan in Gothenburg

Fiskekyrkan in Gothenburg

Food halls

Stora Saluhallen at Kungstorget is Gothenburg’s largest food hall dating from 1889. With over 40 stalls and eateries, it’s Gothenburg’s lunchtime and Saturday hub. Favourites for traditional Swedish food? Amanda Boman for a casual cosy lunch or for a traditional Swedish food hall bar experience with excellent traditional fare, Kåges Hörna & Bar.

Mannerströms Market Hall is a gourmand destination specialising in meats, cheeses, and high quality artisan deli fare. Food lovers congregate here at lunchtime. Briggen food hall is another popular spot for lunch, and lovely in the summertime with tables spilling out on to the street. 

Neighbourhood favourite

The Feskekörka, (Fish Church), is a canal-side fish market in a former church with seafood stalls, restaurants and take-out. Buy your lunch at a stall and sit by the canal outside. With the West Coast famous for its juicy lobster, prawns, oysters, mussels and the pernickety-little-suckers crayfish, the fish church takes street food to another level.

Grillköket Jonsborg on the main boulevard ‘Avenyn’ is a local favourite for the Halv Special – literally, ‘half special’ – but indeed there is nothing half special about it. It is quite unique. Get your hot dog sausage on a grilled bun being with unholy amounts of mashed potato and even shrimp salad atop for the adventurous. 

Swedish fast food

On every street corner is a korvkiosk. What’s that? It’s a hot dog stand with a difference.  You can get a hot dog. Or, instead go for mashed potato and a sausage wrapped in a soft flatbread – ask for a tunnbrödsrulle and stock up on your week’s carbohydrates in one standing. When it’s snowing, -5 C and you are street side, you will need them.

And don’t be shy. Eat your sausage with abandon on the street, that’s what the locals do. Though there can be haphazard moments what with the mashed potato squeezing out the end of your tunnbrödsrulle. Be prepared with extra napkins.

Gastronomic starsPulled pork from the U.S., Ceviche from Mexico, vegetarian dishes from Ethiopia - and much more. Gothenburg’s street food flora has blossomed thanks to the food trucks and street food places that can be found across the city.


To see Sweden’s largest fish auction in action, go to the city Fiskhamnen harbour and visit the Fish Auction at 6.30 a.m (Mondays 7.00 am, closed on weekends). The public cannot bid, but this is where you can catch sight of Gothenburg’s top chefs and Swedish suppliers battling it out for the famous West Coast seafood.


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