Camilla Läckberg’s Fjällbacka

Take the In the footsteps of Läckberg guided tour, or enjoy a Läckberg-styled meal at a local restaurant down by the harbour. You can even join the crew of a local fishing boat and go on a lobster safari, or kayak in the Fjällbacka archipelago. For a small fishing village on the west coast, there’s a lot to do here. And it’s just 90 minutes by car north of Gothenburg.

  • Fjällbacka, West Sweden
  • Fjällbacka, West Sweden
  • Kayaking outside Fjällbacka, West Sweden
  • Lobster safari in Bohuslän, the Swedish West Coast
  • Rock carvings in Tanum, a World Heritage site

Fjällbacka, West Sweden

The Läckberg connection

If you are one of the 12 million people worldwide who has read Camilla Läckberg’s crime fiction books set in Fjällbacka, you are going to love the Läckberg-themed tours.

The tours visit many of the fictional scenes, including Kungsklyftan ‘The King’s Gorge’ named after Swedish King Oscar II, where three characters were offed in The Preacher. The tours also go by Berits järnboden, or hardware store, where storeowner Berit is the font of all information on what happens in Fjällbacka. The store appears in The Stonecutter and The Gallow Birds. As well as gaining an insight into the fictional scenes and characters from the books, your expert local guide will also tell you about Fjällbacka’s fascinating history; the boom and bust of the herring industry, the village’s connection with the quarrying industry and maybe even an anecdote or three about Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman who summered on the island of Dannholmen, west of Fjällbacka.

Not just a world famous crime fiction author Back on the Läckberg theme you can enjoy a Camilla Läckberg-inspired three-course dinner at Bryggan Fjällbacka restaurant as the sun goes down over Fjällbacka harbour. The package takes its inspiration from the ‘The Flavours of Fjällbacka’ cookbook co-authored by Camilla Läckberg, and childhood friend, now top chef Christian Hellberg.

The Hollywood connection

Hollywood icon Ingrid Bergman loved Fjällbacka, and she and her family spent summers on the island of Dannholmen in the outer archipelago from 1958. She was a frequent visitor to Fjällbacka for shopping trips and restaurant visits. You can visit Ingrid Bergman square down by the harbour and see a beautifully rendered bust of her. If you pay a visit to Setterlinds bakery in the town you can sample Bergman’s favourite cookie, in Swedish called mandelberg (almonds). You can also take a guided boat trip that goes past Dannholmen. To this day the family still own a small green cabin on the island.

What else can you do in and around Fjällbacka

Work up an appetite before dining at Bryggan Fjällbacka hotel and restaurant (Taste of West Sweden accredited), down by the harbour, by climbing Vetteberget mountain. You can’t miss it, it towers above the town and once atop, you get fantastic views of the town and the Fjällbacka archipelago. Talking of which, there are many great boat trips you can take. Head for the Weather Islands for example. It is the most westerly, windiest and warmest cluster of islands in Sweden and there are 365 of them: one for each day of the year. Go for the peace and quiet, go for the nature reserve, go swimming in the clear blue waters or clamber and picnic among the rocks. If you’re lucky you might even spot a colony of seals.

The Fjällbacka archipelago also takes in the Lindö-Kalvö-Trossö nature reserve on Resö island and the Kosterhavet National Park. You can get to all of these wild and beautiful islands by boat from Fjällbacka or to Resö by car or local bus. Or why not discover the sheltered waters of Fjällbacka archipelago in a sea kayak on a self-guided or guided tour.

Seafood and catch it

Think you can cut it as a lobster fisherman? Then join captain Ingemar of the good ship M/S Mira and go on a lobster ‘safari’ where you get to haul in the black gold of the west coast. Do it in style by booking this package from TanumStrand Hotel and Resort. Or go up the coast for Everts Sjöbod (boathouse) in Grebbestad, run by the Karlsson brothers. They arrange lobster and oyster safaris, oyster tastings and other shellfish-centric activities.

The lobster season starts on the first Monday after 20th September and the entire west coast goes ‘black gold’ crazy. It is a great time to visit Fjällbacka.

Travel back in time

Visit the Tanum World Heritage Area and the Vitlycke Museum for the stunning 3,000 year-old bronze age rock art. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site and really rather special.

The area is some 45 square kilometres, stretching from Tanumshede in the north to Trättelanda in the south. The various ‘panels’ and rock art sites are interconnected by pathways across the countryside and are well sign-posted. You can drive around the area, or rent a bike. Make a day of it and take a picnic.

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