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Get ready to party!

Malmö in Skåne, southern Sweden hosted the spectacular Eurovision Song Contest in May but the city is partying all year to celebrate. This friendly and trendy city has a great festival and music scene, from the Malmö Beach event to outdoor concerts and of course the mighty Malmö Festival.

  • The Malmö Festival
  • Loreen from Sweden – winner of ESC 2012
  • Western harbour in Malmö
  • Restaurant “bloom in the park” in Malmö

The Malmö Festival

Eurovision Song Contest 2013

The biggest event of them all ! Malmö hosted the 2013 event at the Malmö Arena and showed the world how to party!  Eurovision Song Contest 2013 or on Malmö Town

However, that the Eurovision is over for this time doesn't mean that Malmö slows down. This summer Malmö hosts a number of events.

The Malmö Festival 16 - 23 Aug

The Malmö Festival is the warm, friendly and sustainable festival taking place for one week in August. Experience everything from groundbreaking art, music and culture to a variety of food that reflects the intercultural vibes and people of Malmö The Malmö Festival

Malmö Beach Event

Play and watch football, or try all manner of other sports. An enormous sporting event is coming to Ribban in Malmö. From May until August, there’s always something to do at Malmö Beach Event. Malmö Beach Event

Across Malmö

You don't need to go to a specific event to enjoy Malmö though. Every spring and summer entertainment takes place all across Malmö and you just need to wander around the city to experience it all. The summer months offers a good mix of activities across, ranging from street parties, rock concerts and theatre.


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