Hotels in Sweden

Sweden has a wide range of quality hotels in all price ranges. 

  • Grand Hôtel in Stockholm
  • Fabriken Furillen at Gotland
  • Designhotellet in Värnamo
  • Nordic Light Hotel in Stockholm

Grand Hôtel in Stockholm

Hotels in Sweden often include a lavish buffet breakfast in the room rate so they're particularly good value for money. Many have special offers for families and offer reduced prices at weekends throughout the year and also on weekdays from mid-June to mid-August.

Hotels adapted for disabled guests are indicated by a symbol.

Swedish hotel classification

Official star classification of Swedish hotels

By Visita, The Swedish hospitality industry

Häckeberga castle

Castles and manors

Throughout the Swedish countryside, you can find these stately properties in beautiful surroundings - lake or river settings, parklands and golf courses. You will be made to feel welcome in style.


A part of the official gateway to Sweden