Hostels in Sweden

Sweden's youth and family hostels, known as "vandrarhem", offer excellent facilities for an inexpensive holiday and are located all over the country, including the mountain regions. All ages are welcome.

  • Hostel Af Chapman at Skeppsholmen in Stockholm
  • Hostel Öster Malma in Nyköping
  • Hostel Åsens By in Småland
  • Hostel Villa Sol, in Borgholm, Öland
  • STF Hostel at Fridhemsplan in Stockholm

Hostel Af Chapman at Skeppsholmen in Stockholm

The Swedish Tourist Association (STF) has 320 hostels spread throughout Sweden. STF is a member of the International Youth Hostel Federation, Hostelling International (HI) and membership cards of hostel oganisations affiliated to the HI are valid in all the Swedish hostels.

SVIF, Swedish youth hostels in cooperation was founded in 1991 and is an association of free-standing and independent hostels in Sweden. Each hostel is run according to their own set of principles. The collaboration between the hostels is primarily targeted at marketing and other common interest. SVIF has 160 members in Sweden and their guests do not need any membership.

Breakfast buffets are available at most youth hostels but not at all of them; check before you book or arrive at the hostel. Otherwise bring your own food for breakfast, and indeed for dinner unless you have something else planned.

Guests have access to self-catering kitchen facilities at all youth hostels, at no extra charge. The kitchen equipment varies and is sometimes very limited. Sheets, towels and cleaning are not included in the lodging costs. You can always rent or buy sheets/towels at the youth hostel if you do not bring along your own. Each guest must clean his room to the satisfaction of the next guest. You can often buy cleaning services for a small fee.

Accommodation that gives opportunities to socialize. Youth Hostels offers accommodation in private rooms and in some cases a bed in shared rooms. Access to a fully equipped guest kitchen, dining space and social space. A flexible service offer with options for breakfast, made beds and cleaning.

Camping in Sweden

Camping in Sweden

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