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Cloudberry desert


Cloudberry desert

Hävvi i Glen have in a unique way managed to make their tourism a benefit to the Sámi community and at the same time inspiring for guests. By cooperating with Sámi village herdsmen and others in the village they help the community survive by offering visitors unique experiences of Sámi culture and life. The guided fishing and hunting trips are carefully planned so as not to overfish, overhunt or overexploit the land. The restaurant offers a rare opportunity to experience Sámi traditional food. Thomas is a reindeer herder.

In the village Glen in Tossåsens Sameby there is a small Sámi restaurant called Hävvi i Glen. It is a Sámi family company that also offer hunting, fishing and guided tours in the Oviken Mountains. Owned and operated by Thomas Johansson and Elaine Asp it is one of the few restaurants in Sweden that offer authentic Sámi dishes and one of the few companies where many Sámi herdsmen are guides in tours. They also cater for old people’s homes where Sámi people live as well as for a Sámi day care. To bring traditional Sámi food to these institutions is part of their vision, as is their decision to use their neighbors’ accommodation before building their own camp.

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